John Mutters (1973) has graduated from the TH-Rijswijk in Elektral Engineering, majoring Telematics -a mix of telecommunications and informatics. After his study he works for 7 years as a C++ developer before making the transition to the .NET platform. He works on various projects performing the role of developer, lead developer, consultant or software architect. This gained him lots of experience with the .NET platform, software development, architecture and design patterns. developer, lead-developer, consultant of (software)architect.
John is an enthousiastic and experienced software designer/developer who is able to quickly find his way in complexe projects. He likes to be involved from architecture to delivery and is able to fulfill multiple roles. John is eager to learn, motivated and is able to profile himself well both within a team and individually. His specialisation is in development, within the area of SharePoint and .NET. Beside his technical skills and logic abilities, John is a nice person to work with. John likes to help and get the job done. He gets a good overview of the situation quickly and adapts to it; this makes him suitable for working in teams working under pressure. John can handle stress, loves to learn and works hard.

John posesses a VAR-WUO statement. At request, a CV can be sent.