This is an overview of some projects I worked on, or are still working on:
  • Shell - Enterprise Emergency IT Response Team

    Member of Enterprise IT Response Team:
    • Root Cause Analysis of IT Related Issues
    • Advice, Consultancy & Solution Implementation Guidance
    • Advice & Consultancy on LifeCycle, Implementation and Deployment
    • Testing & Benchmarking Services
    • Development Team Guidance & Quality Assurance
    • Inventory & Documenting Landscapes
  • TNO Intranet

    Realization of a SharePoint 2010 intranet for all TNO employees, as a replacement of their previous portal. In addition to this, a couple of applications had to be build into this portal:
    • Projects and cooperations
    • Financial project dossiers
    • Expertise search
    • Digitale mailroom
    All of these applications are based on common concepts that apply to the entire portal.
  • IFS/DRV -

    Online bookkeeping application, hosted in Windows Azure and making use of technology like SQL federation.
    • Refactoring of the existing architecture and code to improve performance and scalability.
    • Building new functionality (including hour registration, (starting) balance and notifications)
  • Council for the Judiciary

    Implementing the internet site for the judiciary and Dutch Supreme Court in SharePoint 2007. Creating a new solution structure. Accessibility and web guidelines are import aspects of this project.
  • Norfolkline

    Designing and building an interim terminal management system with a link to the booking system.